Environmental Test Chambers
Commercial Refrigeration
Residential Heating & Air Conditioning

Installation • Startup • Scheduled Maintenance • Calibration
Repair • Seasonal Service (Winterize/Summerize) • Consulting

  • VTS Series Chamber

    CSZ VTS Series Thermal Shock Chamber

  • Bryant Legacy Line Central A/C

    Bryant Legacy Line Central Air Conditioner

  • Manitowoc Display Cooler

    Manitowoc Model 399 MK35GD Display Cooler

  • Thermotron AST-35 Chamber

    Thermotron AST-35 Accelerated Stress Test Chambers

  • Custom Walk-In/Drive-In Chamber

    CSZ Custom Drive-In Chambers

  • Federal Industries Deli Case

    Federal Industries Hi Style Deli Case

  • Lennox Central A/C

    Lennox Merit Line 14ACX Central Air Conditioner

  • Thermotron Walk-In Chamber

    Thermotron Walk-In Solid Chambers

  • Dragon Enterprises Beer Chiller

    Dragon Enterprises Display Beer Chiller

  • Goodman Central A/C

    Goodman R-410A Central Air Conditioner

  • Kolpak Walk-In cooler

    Kolpak P6-068 Walk-In Cooler

  • WM-ST Walk-In Stability Room

    CSZ WM-ST Series Stability Rooms Walk-In

  • Bally Walk-In Freezer

    Bally 860810 Walk-In Freezer

  • Espec Platinous Reach-In Chamber

    ESPEC Platinous Reach-In Chambers

Whatever your environmental requirements, from full-on industrial environmental test chambers, to commercial freezers and walk-ins, to residential climate conditioning equipment, Earhart Refrigeration has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

With 28 years of experience in the factory and in the field, we are prepared to provide a full range of services, from installation planning and installation, to startup and qualification, to routine maintenance, upgrades, and emergency service, as well as testing and calibration to NIST standards.

Review our offerings here on the site and you will see that we can meet your needs with the full range of services that we provide. Feel free to use our Contact Form, or call or fax at the numbers below, either to request a quote or simply to initiate a conversation regarding your needs and requirements preparatory to undertaking an installation, upgrade, remodeling, or other project.

Industrial Services

Earhart Refrigeration offers a full range of professional services in the Continental U.S. for industrial environmental test systems—Installation, Startup, Qualification, NIST-Traceable Calibration, Preventive Maintenance, Upgrades, and Routine or Emergency Repairs. More information here: Industrial Services

Commercial Services

From Deli Cases to Walk-In Freezers, from Undercounter Beer Coolers to Four-Door Display Chillers, whatever the needs of your commercial establishment, Earhart Refrigeration can handle it. Installation, Consulting, Scheduled Maintenance, Repair, Coolant Recovery... whatever you need in the Cincinnati area, we've got you covered. Learn more: Commercial Services

Residential Services

Earhart Refrigeration can provide all of your home air conditioning needs for the Cincinnati area. We can perform Inspections and Seasonal Servicing, provide Changeover to Modern, Environment-Friendly Refrigerant, Upgrade your Thermostatic Control System to Programmed Control, and more. Additional information: Residential Services

Our Clients Say...

Your prompt attention and action to correct it was, in my opinion, outstanding. Jeff Earhart and Tony Brothers are to be commended for the excellent technical and professional support they provided CSZ, and Laguna Industries...

Thanks to all for a job well done..!!

Chuck Murdock

BBB Rated A+!

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